The Process And Method Of Determining The Size Of Grinding Balls

- Feb 10, 2018-

Because the impact of Grinding Balls size on grinding is critically important, dressing and crushing workers have long been studying how to size Grinding Balls accurately. However, because of the large number of parameters that affect the size of the Grinding Balls, this problem is difficult to solve. In spite of this, people continue to explore and strive to find a scientific method to accurately determine the size of the Grinding Balls.

Experiment to determine the ball diameter by a variety of variable parameters, in order to simplify the problem, only some of the necessary variable parameters fixed in a certain range, and then obtained by experiment to feed the size and the ball diameter between relationship. In practice, select the mill to be calculated in the production of commonly used or confirmed operating parameters such as rotation rate, ball loading rate, pulp concentration is a fixed value, and then determined by the experience of several groups of Grinding Balls were tested, effective A group of balls is the best choice for the ball diameter.

In Grinding Balls, the size and ratio of the ball, the mill production and work efficiency. Practice has proved that sometimes due to the proper choice of the ball mill can make the mill productivity and productivity increased by 20% or more.

Heat treatment is one of the important processes in the manufacture of machine parts and tooling. In general, Grinding Balls assures and enhances the performance of workpieces such as wear and corrosion resistance. Can also improve the organization of the rough and stress state, in order to facilitate a variety of cold and hot processing.

For example, white cast iron after a long time annealing can be obtained malleable iron, improve plasticity; Grinding Balls gear with the right heat treatment process, the service life can be doubled or dozens of times than the heat-treated gear to improve; In addition, cheap carbon steel By infiltrating some of the alloying elements has some expensive alloy steel performance, you can replace some of the heat-resistant steel, stainless steel; mold almost all need to be heat treated before use.