Grinding Steel Forging Characteristics And Quality Inspection

- Apr 10, 2018-

Grinding steel forging adapts to all kinds of metal mines during operation, including its gold, copper, iron ore, silver ore, manganese forging mill forging ball, cement mill forged steel ball, power plant forged steel ball, coal (Phosphorus) Forged steel ball for chemical industry, forged steel ball for steel slag, and forged steel ball for quartz sand.

Introduction of grinding steel forging

Grinding steel forging has a low crushing rate, a reasonable proportion of alloy elements in the forged ball, a stable overall performance, little voids in the presence of gas, strict control of the quenching process, suitable for high yields, and a large-scale mill with a clear use effect and a slightly higher specific gravity Balls, impact fracture, shear force, increase production significantly.

Grinding steel forging features

1. The breaking rate of the forged ball is less than 1%, and the breaking resistance is more than 10 times that of the ordinary casting ball.

2. Forging ball high impact toughness: impact toughness greater than 12J/cm2, 8.5 meters falling ball experiment more than 20,000 times.

3. The overall hardness of the forged ball is high: the surface hardness is 55-64HRC, the volume hardness is 55-61HRC, and the hardness gradient is distributed evenly.

4. Forging ball is not deformed: The steel ball is not deformed at all, without losing the roundness.

5. Forging ball dense, cost-effective, significant cost savings.

Grinding steel forging quality inspection

1. Hardness testing.

2. Impact test.