Forged Grinding Ball Production Process And Performance Characteristics

- Mar 21, 2018-

At present, forged grinding balls can be made of different materials. According to different materials, they mainly include steel ball 45, 60mm forged ball, 65mm forged ball, 40cr steel ball, 42crmo forged ball, B2 forged ball, B3 forged ball and B6 material ball and several other.


In a forged grinding ball, the carbon content is in the range of 0.4 to 0.85, the manganese content is 0.5 to 1.2, and the chromium content is 0.05 to 1.2. The product can now be produced through two processes, air hammer forging and hot rolling, mainly used for non-ferrous metal processing, power plants and potassium albite beneficiation.


Based on the analysis of actual production conditions, the main production process flow for air hammer forged grinding balls can be summarized as:


1. After the round steel bar has passed the inspection, press the ball size;

2. Steel forging is heated to a certain temperature by an intermediate frequency furnace to ensure that the type of deformation that is effective in the forging is generated;

3, red hot steel forging is sent into the air hammer, after a skilled operator turned and processed;

4. The red hot steel ball after forging immediately enters the specially designed heat treatment equipment for quenching-tempering heat treatment, so that the produced steel ball can obtain high and even hardness value.


In comparison, the main advantage of forged grinding balls is that their surface is very smooth, and they have strong impact toughness, and the crushing rate is much lower than that of cast steel balls.In addition, its price is very economical, and the wear resistance can be compared with high-chromium steel balls. In general, the product has a high cost performance, customers can choose according to steel ball prices, quality standards and mine application conditions.


In addition to the above advantages, the overall hardness of the forged grinding ball product is also relatively high. In practical applications, it can be ensured that the long-term use will not be deformed and will not be lost.From the perspective of applications, forged grinding ball products are compact, cost-effective, and cost-effective.