Discussion On The Misunderstandings And Influences Of Grinding Balls Quality On Ball Mills

- Feb 10, 2018-

Grinding Balls ball mill good quality both affect the size of productivity, but also affect the ball consumption level, thus affecting the cost of grinding media. Pure pursuit of high hardness low consumption is wrong. High hardness and low consumption does not mean that low-cost, high hardness and low consumption of the ball is often the price is very high. High hardness does not necessarily increase productivity, or even decline, only high productivity can make the unit consumption index decreased. Therefore, the primary criteria for selecting Grinding Balls should be high mill productivity and low cost of grinding media. Only high productivity and low grinding media costs can have good economic benefits. Economic benefits are the necessary conditions for the survival and development of enterprises.

Two problems are often overlooked when choosing Grinding Balls: Grinding Balls are not as hard as they are but with their proper hardness values; Grinding Balls density is also an issue that can not be ignored. As for the effect of hardness, generally, as the hardness increases, as long as no crushing occurs, the unit consumption of Grinding Balls decreases; moreover, the deformation of the sphere is small, the deformation of the sphere is small during the crushing, the energy can be more used for crushing the mineral particles, Mill productivity can be increased. However, the increase in hardness of Grinding Balls can only be modest, with an appropriate range, not the harder the better. If you consider only the ball consumption, the higher the hardness lower consumption. However, for mill productivity, within a certain range of productivity, the Grinding Balls increases the hardness, but when the hardness exceeds a certain range, the mill productivity is adversely affected and the mill productivity is reduced. There are two reasons why Grinding Balls is not good for grinding when hardness is too high:

â‘ Ginding Balls bouncing serious rebound, causing some energy loss, so the Grinding Balls energy is not used more for crushing, thus affecting the crushing;

â‘¡Ginding Balls hardness is too high, the ball and the ball contact each other when sliding, can not effectively kerchief live ball between the ball, so that the grinding effect of mineral particles weakened.