Casting Grinding Balls What Are The Disadvantages

- Feb 10, 2018-

Now Grinding Balls used in the domestic market mostly for casting Grinding Balls, its natural with:

1) Casting Grinding Balls Surface roughness: casting Grinding Balls pouring mouth parts prone to flat top during use and deformation and loss of round, affecting the grinding effect.

2) Casting Grinding Balls Internal loose: due to the use of casting, the ball's internal coarse, broken during the use of high rate of impact toughness, the ball is larger, the larger the mill, the greater the chance of crushing.

3) Not Suitable for Wet Milling: The wear resistance of the cast Grinding Balls depends on the amount of chromium contained. The higher the chromium content, the more resistant it is to wear. However, the chromium is characterized by easy corrosion and the higher the chromium, the more easily it is corroded. Sulfur, due to the use of chrome balls under the above conditions of wet grinding will result in increased costs and lower yields.

Casting Grinding Balls Uses: Energy-saving medium frequency through the furnace | IF forging heating equipment can be based on the geometry of the workpiece of different materials, mainly for bar, bar, square steel, steel diathermy, On-line heating, local heating, metal materials forging (such as gear, semi-shaft connecting rod, bearings and other precision forging), extrusion, hot rolling, shearing before heating, and the overall metal material quenching, annealing, tempering .