Ball Mill Media Production Line Main Production Steps

- Mar 23, 2018-

In industrial fields such as cement plants and power plants, ball mill balls are a very important media for grinding materials. During the operation of the ball mill equipment, the friction between the steel ball and the material between the balls of the ball mill collides, thereby generating a wear stripping effect. The ball mill media production line is specifically designed for the production of such media balls and can be used to produce different steel balls.


In the ball mill media production line, the main tools and raw materials included are heating furnaces and round bars. At present, the manufacturing process of steel balls used in ball mills can be roughly divided into two types, casting and forging. The main difference between these two processes is that the wear length is not the same.


In comparison, the medium steel balls produced by the ball mill media production line are mainly forged (rolled) steel balls with specifications of 50mn, 60mn, 65mn and high-alloy steels B2, B3, and BU forged hot-rolled steel balls. Cast steel balls include common cast steel balls, non-electric furnaces to produce low-chromium alloy cast steel balls, electric furnaces to melt medium-chromium alloy cast steel balls, electric furnaces to melt high-chromium alloy cast steel balls, and electric furnaces to melt ultra-high chromium alloy cast steel balls. (cr content 22% - 30%).


In order to ensure good performance, there are certain requirements for ball mill ball quality. Usually in ball mill media production lines, it is necessary to ensure that the dimensions of the media produced comply with the relevant standards. This is because in actual production, the output of the ball mill is not only affected by the load of the ball, but also related to the diameter of the ball.


Of course, the ball media produced by the ball mill media production line is not only different in material, but also different in size and size. Usually the content of cast ball chromium is divided into high, medium and low chromium ball, in which the high chromium cast ball has a good application in the cement ball mill because of its good hardness and good wear resistance. In short, the ball mill media production line is mainly to provide the medium steel balls that different users need.