Which grinding balls can be used in the ball mill and what should be considered?

- Oct 15, 2018-

The grinding ball is used in a ball mill, which can be simply understood as a grinding ball used in the machine of the ball mill, mainly for crushing and grinding, so that the ball mill can be used for the purpose of use and has the intended use effect. Therefore, based on this, some learning work needs to be done to master the professional knowledge in this area.


1. If the grinding ball is used in a ball mill, can you use a wear-resistant steel ball?

When the grinding ball is used in a ball mill, from a professional point of view, it is possible to use a steel ball or a grinding ball which is a wear-resistant steel ball, and there is no problem in use, and it can have a good use effect. In addition, this kind of grinding ball or steel ball is used for powder preparation and ultra-fine deep processing in industries such as cement construction, metal mines, coal thermal power, chemical engineering and ceramics.


The grinding balls in the ball mill, which are wear-resistant steel balls, can be of different types, so the following is an example.

Wear-resistant steel ball made of chrome alloy: The main component of this kind of grinding ball material is chrome alloy, which has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, its strength and density are higher than ordinary metal objects, and, according to its The difference in the amount of chromium can be further divided into the following types, which are:

Type 1: Chromium content is 1% - 3%, hardness HRC is not more than 45, is a low chromium alloy main ball, mainly used in some occasions where the grinding requirements are not high, such as metallurgical mines, slag, etc. industry.

Type 2: The chromium content is 4%-6%, and the hardness HRC is not more than 47. It is a multi-alloy ball, which is higher in strength than the low-chromium steel ball, and the wear resistance is better.

Type 3: The chromium content is 7%-10%, and the hardness HRC is not more than 48. It is a medium chromium alloy cast ball, and its performance is higher than that of a multi-alloy steel ball.

Type 4: The chromium content is 10%-14%, and the hardness HRC is not more than 58. It is a high chromium alloy casting ball, and its application range is wide.

Category 5: Chromium content of more than 14%, hardness HRC of 58 or more, is a special high-chromium steel ball, mainly used in the occasions where the grinding requirements are high.


2. What should be considered when grinding the ball for the ball mill?

Material: Grinding ball material, generally cast steel, cast iron, manganese cast iron, zirconium and ceramics, etc. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation and the use requirements, which are determined by them.

Shape specification: Whether it is spherical, cylindrical or other form in shape; in terms of specification, it mainly depends on the diameter ratio of the grinding ball.

In addition to the above two aspects, the grinding ball is used in the ball mill, and it is necessary to consider the three specific aspects of material hardness, ball ratio and filling rate.