Whether the grinding ball and wear ball for mining can be used for ball mill and high aluminum ball?

- Nov 28, 2018-

The grinding ball is used in a ball mill, which refers to a grinding ball that can be used in a ball mill to grind a medium, and the grinding ball that meets this condition has many types from the present, and below, it is such a grinding ball. Familiarity and understanding, I know some specific types.

1. High-aluminum ball, the use of this kind of grinding ball

High-aluminum ball This kind of grinding ball can be used on the ball mill, but there are some precautions in use. It is specifically: if it is a high-aluminum ball with a 92% alumina content and a density of 3.62, if it is ground The high hardness of the material is not suitable for dry grinding, but it is suitable for high alumina balls with a 92% alumina density of 3.68 because of the high density and impact resistance of this high aluminum ball, and in terms of wear, It is also much smaller than the ordinary high-aluminum ball, which can be as small as 40%.

2. If the grinding ball is used in a ball mill, is there a mine grinding ball?

When the grinding ball is used in a ball mill, it is a grinding ball of a mining grinding ball, and in a ball mill, it is used as a medium for grinding materials. This kind of grinding ball is widely used in concentrating plants and cement plants, and its annual dosage is about 18-20 million tons. In terms of specific types, there are:

Cast steel balls: In terms of specific types, there are common cast steel balls, low chromium alloy cast steel balls, high chromium alloy cast steel balls, and ultra high chromium alloy cast steel balls.

Forged or rolled steel balls: In terms of size, there are three kinds of steel balls of 50mn, 60mn, and 65mn, and forging and hot rolling with high alloy steel.

Micro steel ball: It can also be called steel sand or steel shot. One is used for steel strip cutting and the other is used for derusting and grinding.

The use of the grinding ball for mining should determine the method of using the grinding ball according to the diameter of the ball mill, the hardness of the ore, the ore particle size of the scoring mill, the hardness and mass of the steel ball, and the rotational speed of the ball mill. Moreover, it has corresponding implementation standards, which are YB/T091-2005 and GB/T17445-2010.

3. Wear-resistant ball, is it a kind of grinding ball used in the ball mill?

Wear-resistant ball, which is one of the ball mills used in ball mills, can dry or wet grind various ores and other moldable materials, so it can be used in cement, silicate products, building materials, refractory materials. In the industrial fields such as fertilizers and metal beneficiation, there are two types of grinding methods, dry and wet. In the specific kind, there are two kinds of chrome cast iron grinding balls and nodular cast iron grinding balls. Among them, the spheroidal graphite cast iron balls are divided into two types: bainite ductile iron grinding balls and martensite ductile iron grinding balls.