Whether the analysis and purchase of chromium alloy grinding cylpebs are important?

- Nov 24, 2018-

Chromium alloy grinding cylpebs, which is a specific type of steel ball, and is understood to be a chrome steel ball and a grinding steel ball, so it needs to be fully understood and understood to realize the product. Correct and reasonable use, and, in turn, have a good use effect.

1. Is the chromium alloy grinding cylpebs a high-chromium steel ball?

High-chromium steel ball, from a professional point of view, it is obtained by smelting, metal mold or sand casting with intermediate frequency circuit, and can be a high-chromium alloy cast ball. Its chromium content does not rain 10%, and the carbon content is It is 1.8%-3.2%, and the hardness is required to be not less than 58 degrees. If this requirement is not met, quenching is required. In the quenching method, there are various quenching methods such as oil quenching, air quenching, and water solution.

Therefore, from the definition of high-chromium steel balls, it can not be considered as chromium alloy grinding cylpebs, because they are different in material, and there are many differences in performance and use.

2. Is the application of chromium alloy grinding cylpebs balls extensive?

The application of chrome-grinding steel balls can be used in metallurgy, mining, cement and building materials, construction, chemical industry, etc., and can be said to be widely used. This kind of steel ball is mainly used for grinding work, and can grind these materials such as slag, fly ash, calcium carbonate and quartz sand.

3. What is the future development of chromium alloy grinding cylpebs?

Chromium alloy grinding cylpebs, which is a specific type of steel ball, and steel ball is an important basic component, which plays a huge role in the field of industry and, in some special cases, some special material steel is used. Ball to meet some special use requirements. The promotion and application of steel balls can promote the development of the steel ball production industry, and also promote the technological development and scientific and technological progress of related industries. Therefore, the chrome alloy grinding steel ball is also the same, and its future development trend is also very good.

4. Is the purchase of chromium alloy grinding cylpebs important?

The purchase of chrome-plated steel balls can be said to be an important task, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use of the product and its use, and even make the product unusable and bring to the user. Economic losses. Therefore, we should pay attention to and seriously carry out this work, and take all relevant factors into account in order to have the right choice.