What is the role of ball media for ball mill?

- Mar 22, 2018-

At present, theoretical research on ball mill mainly includes two aspects. One is the study of ball media used in ball mill, and the other is the theoretical study of media movement laws. We know that this is because when the ball mill is working, it mainly depends on the impact and grinding action of the ball mill media on the material to complete the grinding effect of the material.


In other words, in practical applications, the ball mill uses a ball medium to continuously perform crushing mechanics on the material, and the medium acts as an energy medium to convert the external energy into the crushing work of the material and play a role in crushing the material. Therefore, the media size of the ball mill determines the amount of energy carried by the media, and also relates to the size of the crushing force applied to the material.


More importantly, the size of the ball media used in the ball mill will have a crucial influence on the grinding efficiency and the quality characteristics of the product. It will also affect the power consumption and medium consumption of the equipment during operation. So at work, we need to choose a reasonable media size. It should be noted that the choice of media size and the appropriateness of the media movement state have a considerable impact on the impact of the grinding process.


Based on this consideration, how to accurately determine the size of the ball media for ball mill has a significant impact on the production work for the user. Based on previous production experience, a new type of ball-shaped ball (ball) with reasonable shape, size, and gradation is the appropriate grinding medium for improving grinding efficiency and reducing ball consumption. And this theory has been validated experimentally.


So, what are the results of studying the law of movement of ball media used in ball mills? In fact, when the mill rotates, it drives the medium group to move. During the movement, the ball medium used by the ball mill will collide with the other adjacent medium and the inner wall of the mill. The collision will determine the movement law of the medium in the mill.