What is the influence of the condition of the grinding machine on the forged Grinding Media Cylpebs?

- Jun 29, 2018-

In the process of application, the abrasion, crushing and out-of-roundness of the Grinding Media Cylpebs are not only related to its own quality, but also related to the grinding process conditions and conditions of the mill working conditions. Therefore, if we want to reduce the chance of grinding steel forging damage as much as possible, and ensure the integrity of the product, we have to protect from the mill specifications and parameters of the mill process.


The first is about the grinding machine working conditions used in grinding cylpebs applications. For example, the impact of the inner diameter of the mill, the larger the inner diameter, the greater the impact force when the grinding body falls, and the other conditions are the same, the Grinding Media Cylpebs wear has also increased. Therefore, we must properly control the size of the mill's internal diameter, mills used in industrial production generally D / d ≥ 15.


Of course, the speed of the mill will also have a certain influence on the forging wear of the grinding steel. The relative wear coefficient of the grinding Cylpebs is basically proportional to the specific speed of the mill. The higher the speed of the mill, the more severe the wear of the Cylpebs. Therefore, the general high speed of the small mill, the steel ball wear is also high, the low speed of the large mill, the ball wear is also low, the current domestic specific speed of the mill is generally between 0.7-0.8.


Grinding Media Cylpebs and material filling rate also need to be adjusted reasonably. Under normal working conditions, the flow rate of out-milling and entering-grinding materials is balanced, stable, and the output is high and balanced. The product fineness is uniform and uniform. The Grinding Media Cylpebs grade of the mill is related to the gap between the steel balls. Therefore, whether the ball gradation and feeding amount of the mill is reasonable is closely related to the wear of the steel ball.


There are many reasons that affect the forging wear and other failures of grinding steel. Whether it is the condition of the ball mill or the grinding steel forging itself, it is not a unilateral issue. Therefore, it is still necessary to look at the problem in a dialectical, comprehensive, and systematic manner to find the ideal one. Way to ensure the use of Grinding Media Cylpebs effect.