What is the characteristic of the grinding ball media production line?

- Jan 09, 2019-

The steel ball produced by the grinding ball media production line has a smooth surface, no defects, no deformation, no loss of roundness, and maintains the excellent effect of grinding. Because it is forged from round steel, it avoids the defects caused by the process in the as-cast state, and has high internal density and high fine particle size, which enhances the ball's drop resistance and impact toughness, thereby reducing the ball breakage rate.

In the production process of grinding ball media, due to the use of high-quality alloy steel and high-efficiency anti-wear materials, the alloy elements are reasonably proportioned and rare elements are added to control the content of chromium, so that its corrosion resistance is greatly improved. In the case of wet grinding, this steel ball is more suitable for its working conditions.

The grinding ball media production line contains a number of different units, which must cooperate with each other to ensure the smooth completion of the production process, thus meeting the production requirements of the grinding ball medium, so that the produced grinding ball medium reaches a higher standard. Of course, in daily use, we must also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the grinding ball media production line to ensure its good working condition.