What aspects of grinding steel ball should pay attention to ?

- Feb 28, 2018-

In the process of many grinding  materials, the two parts that play a major role are grinding steel balls and linings. In order to ensure the expected grinding effect, so in the choice of grinding steel ball need to ensure that it has a certain good performance, so as to improve the ball wear and tear, and extend the service life.


At the same time, choose the right grinding steel ball, also can effectively improve operating efficiency. One of the first things to consider is whether it has good machinability. Under normal circumstances, the need to use before the surface by cutting, drilling and other processes, in order to ensure accurate assembly to the mill on the normal work. In other words, good machinability should be met is a more basic requirement.


Second, need to ensure that grinding steel ball has a more uniform internal structure and hardness distribution. This is because these factors will directly affect the quality and service life of the ball.


The third point is to pay attention to the use of grinding ball casting has good quality, without any adverse problems. In other words, the rough castings in the process of processing and use, no blisters, pores, hard spots, slag or loose defects, otherwise not only shorten the service life of the ball, and even lead to scratches the surface of the ball and damaged.


The fourth is to ensure good wear resistance. From the practical application to analyze, in fact, the damage form of grinding steel balls is the more common friction and wear, so the level of wear resistance is to determine the main factor of the life of the ball.


In addition to these requirements, the selected abrasive ball should also have a strong mechanical strength. This is because in practical applications, grinding steel ball in addition to wear and tear will be subject to a certain degree of impact.