What are the characteristics and production processes of grinding media steel balls?

- Mar 29, 2019-

Grinding media steel balls, which are a specific type of steel ball, are also a common and commonly used type in steel balls because they are used in certain industries and fields. Moreover, from another perspective, it is necessary to have a certain understanding and understanding of this kind of steel ball, so that the grinding media steel balls can be correctly used in a suitable occasion.


What is a grinding media steel balls? From a professional point of view, it refers to the steel ball by the grinding media process, and from the current point of view, this kind of steel ball is gradually replacing the casting ball in use. And, it has some advantages to use, is:

It has a rounded geometry, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and has good wear resistance and no deformation and cracking.

Its surface hardness can reach 55-65HRC, the volume hardness can reach 50-62HRC, and its hardness gradient is evenly distributed. In addition, this kind of steel ball has high impact toughness and can reach 12 J/cm2 or more.

It has a low breaking rate, and its crushing resistance is more than 10 times that of cast and forged steel balls, and the number of impact resistance can reach more than 20,000 times. In addition, the breaking rate does not exceed 1%, and basically no breakage can be achieved.

Based on these advantages of hot-rolled steel balls, it can be concluded that hot-rolled steel balls are widely used in such applications and industries as beneficiation, dynamic power plants, cement plants and refractories, and can be used well. effect.


1. Characteristics of grinding media steel balls

(1) It has high production efficiency in production and can have a large output. In addition, it can realize automatic production and reduce labor costs.

(2) The product quality is stable, the hardness is high and the hardenability is good, the metallographic qualification is compact and the grain size is small, and the deformation is not easy to occur.

(3) The product is formed well, the geometric tolerance is small, and the quality is stable.

(4) Because this steel ball has a low wear rate, the product can have a long service life.


2. Grinding media steel balls production process

 Grinding media steel balls, a kind of steel ball, whose production process is:


After the round bar is inspected, it is cut into steel ball blanks according to the length of the length. The steel ball blank is then fed into a continuous furnace for heating to heat to a suitable temperature. After that, the slab is sent to a steel ball mill and then rolled into a steel ball. The red hot steel balls after rolling forming are quenched and tempered by heat treatment equipment to give the steel balls a high and uniform hardness. After that, the product is inspected and passed to the finished product warehouse after inspection.