Uniform hardness and classification requirements of grinding media steel balls

- Aug 22, 2018-

The surface of the forged steel ball used in the operation of the grinding medium steel ball is smooth and uniform in hardness, and it does not lose its round shape during the grinding process. It is forged by hot forging and forging, and the process is produced without defects on the surface. The deformation, the roundness, and the high wear resistance are high. Because of the specificity of the raw materials, it is impossible to cut corners, so the stability of the steel ball is relatively high.

The grinding medium steel ball is tight inside, and is mainly forged directly from round steel during operation. The internal density is high and the fine particle size is high, which enhances the drop resistance and impact toughness of the wear-resistant steel ball, thereby reducing the ball. The breaking rate and ball consumption can be reduced.

Grinding medium steel balls can generally be divided into two categories: cast steel balls and forged steel balls. Forged steel balls include hot rolling. The cast steel balls are divided into: high chromium steel balls, medium chromium steel balls and low chromium steel balls. Cast steel balls are cast by casting and can control the content of each element to complete the production.

Steel balls produced according to the national standard for chromium content are produced by electric furnaces, and some customers need non-standard steel balls for carbon furnaces in order to save costs, but non-standard steel balls are produced by carbon furnaces, in order to In response to the policy of strict control of environmental standards, charcoal steel balls have not been produced in the market, the pollution is serious, and the surface of the ball is not too smooth.

Grinding medium steel ball production process is relatively simple, according to the size of the original steel cut, fire forging molding, the quality of the elements of the stability and quality, because the corresponding raw material content of the original steel is the content of steel ball elements, Can not be adulterated customers can choose different steel balls according to their own conditions and combined with the company's basic use. Generally speaking, cement plants and ceramics industries are suitable for casting balls, mining and metallurgy, power plant grinding, etc.