The structure and safety of the grinding ball production line are high

- Apr 24, 2019-

The grinding ball production line is very efficient and energy-saving during operation. When the finished product fineness and motor power are the same, it is more than double the output of the jet mill, the agitator mill and the ball mill. The wearable parts have a long service life, and the grinding rolls and grinding rings are forged by special materials, so that the utilization degree is greatly improved. Generally, it can last for more than one year. When processing calcium carbonate and calcite, the service life can reach 2-5 years.


The grinding ball production line has high safety and reliability. In operation, it is mainly because there is no rolling bearing or screw in the grinding cavity, so there is no problem that the bearing and its sealing member are vulnerable, and there is no problem that the screw is easy to loose and destroy the machine. Environmentally friendly, clean, using a dust collector to capture dust, using a muffler to reduce noise, environmentally friendly, clean features.


Grinding ball production line structure

The complete set of grinding ball production line includes hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding host, frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor , electrical control