The role of chrome elements in Grinding Balls

- Feb 10, 2018-

Grinding Balls ball mill for the various components, the most important component is the "chromium" element, and according to the level of chromium content can be divided into high-chromium steel ball, medium chromium steel ball, low chromium steel ball, that chromium The level of content, ball mill Grinding Balls What will be different?

First of all, high-chromium steel ball is usually refers to more than 10% chromium content of the Grinding Balls, medium-chromium steel ball refers to more than 3% chromium, low chromium steel ball refers to more than 1% chromium content, the most direct difference is that in terms of hardness , The hardness of high-chromium steel balls are generally greater than 58 degrees, the hardness of medium-chromium steel ball is greater than 48 degrees, the hardness of low-chromium Grinding Balls is greater than 46 degrees, the difference in hardness leads to a different degree of wear resistance, the higher the hardness Wear-resistant. Shandong ball

Of course, in the actual use of the process do not blindly pursue the high content of chromium, the higher the price of chromium, the higher the price, but also higher process requirements, if the production process is not good control, it is easy to have quality problems, according to Combined with the use of balls in production, the selection of a suitable ball mill Grinding Balls is the best for itself.

The advantage of forged steel ball lies in its toughness is better, followed by casting low-chromium steel ball high school choice, under normal circumstances, the higher the hardness of raw materials, the corresponding choice Grinding Balls the higher the content of chromium, but it is easy One misunderstanding is simply the higher the chromium content. The better the chromium content, the better the mechanical properties of the Grinding Balls. However, considering the actual situation, the higher the chromium content, The price will tend to be higher. Do not neglect a very important parameter here. That is the amount of ball consumption. If the price of chromium increases by 50% due to the increase of chromium content, the ball consumption must be reduced by at least 50% On the right, if the price increase of 50% and its ball consumption can only be reduced by 30%, then considering the Grinding Balls performance is improved, but in fact the meaning of use is not large, or even a mistake Choice, in the production process are generally summed up the commonly used Grinding Balls ball consumption, and then according to the manufacturers to provide the ball, to do a comprehensive analysis, come to the appropriate chromium Content is not difficult.