The key to the manufacturing process of Hyper Steel Grinding Media Balls

- Sep 28, 2018-

Hyper Steel Grinding Media Balls are an important grinding medium, and nowadays they play a huge role in the development of national economy in precision industrial steel balls. In practical applications, the super-steel grinding ball mainly produces the grinding and peeling action by the collision friction with the material, thereby achieving the purpose of grinding.


Due to different work requirements, in some cases it may be necessary to use steel balls of special materials. For ultra-steel balls, the manufacturing process is a key factor in determining their service life. If there are defects in the surface or internal manufacture of the steel ball, such as shrinkage cavities, cracks, and through crystals, it will not only reduce the performance of the steel ball, but even cause the steel ball to break. Therefore, reasonable forging, casting and heat treatment processes must be established in the production of steel balls.


Therefore, in the manufacturing process, strict control is required for each process. The heat treatment process of the Hyper Steel Grinding Media Ball determines the realization of its mechanical properties and the distribution of carbides. In addition, strict production of reasonable production processes and strict quality inspection methods during production are prerequisites for ensuring the performance of the steel ball.