The importance of the appearance of Grinding Balls

- Feb 10, 2018-

Many people buy Grinding Balls, often spend some time to look at the appearance, that the appearance is very important, but this is not the case, Grinding Balls is different from cars, mobile phones and other consumer goods, the appearance of these consumer products is really very important, good or not will Directly affect the mood, but Grinding Balls is not the same, as an industrial product itself, or quality, and secondly as an object inside the ball mill, usually can not see, followed by the appearance of burrs, dust and the like The beginning of the wear and tear will be worn out, but the roundness of the ball must be controlled, if the basic roundness of the Grinding Balls can not guarantee that this will really affect the production, affecting the grinding effect, resulting in The final fineness of the material, the entire production has some impact, so that the choice of ball mill ball, be sure to consider his quality, roundness, etc., not in some corner, burr, Dust is too concerned about, and after the oil quenched Grinding Balls better quality, but the appearance will be more black, it can be said Not too good-looking, so in the purchase process, no need to be too concerned about those small appearance, everything is still based on the quality!

Grinding Balls roughly divided into several categories, remove the raw materials, size and other issues, from the production process is concerned, divided into forged steel balls, cast steel balls and hot-rolled steel balls.

Forged steel ball is round steel forging under high temperature air hammer made of high pressure forging, the production cost involves high labor costs. However, forging a little bit of steel or a lot, such as rarely broken, strong wear resistance, cost-effective.

Ball mill ball also contains a different composition of chromium steel balls, is casting steel balls, chrome steel balls. Casting steel ball of high oxidation resistance, strength density is lower than the forged steel ball, broken rate is relatively high.

Grinding Balls in the hot-rolled steel ball, is the mechanical rotation production line production, high efficiency, widely accepted by various manufacturers and use.