The grinding steel cylpebs for copper ore mine has a long service life and good rebound

- Apr 26, 2019-

The steel section used for copper mining removes large and medium-sized forgings or the scale and rust of steel. The steel ball is converted into stacking volume: the density of the steel ball is about 7700 kg per cubic meter (known as square), so its volume In the case of 1000/7700, it is about 1.3.


The grinding steel cylpebs for copper ore mine has moderate hardness, toughness and impact resistance. It can be used repeatedly several times. It has long service life, good resilience, strong adhesion, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, no breakage, and high brightness of the workpiece. The technical effect is good, and the cleanliness of the metal surface treated by this product can reach international standards.


The surface roughness of the grinding steel cylpebs for copper ore mine can reach 25-100um, which increases the contact surface of the metal surface, improves the surface adhesion of the smear, and has a significant economic benefit for refining the metal surface to strengthen the metal structure. It is the most advanced and ideal quality material for cleaning, polishing, descaling and strengthening at home and abroad.


The grinding steel cylpebs for copper ore mine is heat treated by the current domestic oil quenching process (push rod type automatic oil quenching production line). The product has excellent properties of hardness and toughness matching, so the antiwear performance is good and the breaking rate is extremely low (broken rate). 0.5%). The special casting ball and casting section of mineral processing, coal grinding and magnetic material industry are developed for the industrial and mining characteristics of the industry. It is a major feature of the company. The products have their own characteristics and advantages, strong adaptability and high cost performance. Choose a more suitable product to expand the