The Effect of Grinding Steel Cylpebs on the Efficiency of Grinding for Iron Mining

- Mar 09, 2018-

Grinding in the ball mill, Through the impact of grinding and stripping between the ground steel forging and the ore used for iron mining, the ore particle size can be further reduced until it is ground into a powder.

Among them, grinding steel cylpebs for iron mining is forged in a ball mill and plays two major roles for the material, namely impact and grinding.


In other words, after this process, it is possible to maximize the dissociation of useful minerals and gangue minerals that make up the ore. To provide material that meets the requirements of the next beneficiation process in terms of particle size. So for the concentrator, grinding is a more important job. It is important to know that the grinding of steel forgings and ores used in iron mining is often the process of consuming the most power and metal materials.


In grinding operations, in the initial stage, the material is mainly subjected to the impact force from the grinding of steel for iron mining. After reaching a certain degree of fineness, the material is mainly crushed by grinding between grinding steel forging and lining. Under normal circumstances, there is point contact between the grinding steel forging and lining, it is difficult to contact with the line or surface.


In view of this feature, when selecting a forged steel cylpebs for iron mining, the bulk density, strength, wear, appearance, and surface conditions are generally considered. Because these factors have a great impact on the efficiency of the ball mill, that is, the quality of the slurry.


For example, if the grinding volume of the grinding steel cylpebs used for iron mining is the same, when its bulk density increases, it means that the greater the mass, the greater the kinetic energy, the greater the impact on the material and the grinding force, and the easier it is to strike. In addition, in the ball mill of the same specification, since the bulk density of the forged steel for iron mining is large, the space occupied by the ball mill under the same load is small.