The effect of ball mill ball medium on grinding and its application requirements

- May 04, 2019-

The size of the medium in the process of using the ball mill ball medium the amount of energy carried by the medium, and also the size of the crushing force on the material. Finally, the grinding efficiency and the quality characteristics of the product are determined, which affects the power consumption of the equipment. Media consumption. Therefore, the size of the media is critical to the ball mill, and the choice of media size and the proper state of media motion have a considerable impact on the grinding process.

The important influence of ball mill ball medium on material grinding. Therefore, smashers have long conducted extensive research on how to accurately determine the size of media. Ball mill ball medium shape, size and grading of a new type of ball-grinding body - column ball (segment ball), for improving grinding efficiency, reducing ball consumption is the choice of suitable grinding media. The production test of quartz sand grinding has been carried out, and good test results have been obtained. For some domestic new lightweight “sand gas-filled” concrete product blocks, ball mills in sheet metal mills, dry ball mills and cement industry for grinding hard ores. Have a certain use value.


When the ball mill ball medium rotates, it drives the medium group to move. During the movement, the medium will collide with other adjacent media and the inner wall of the mill. The collision will determine the movement law of the medium in the mill. Due to the complexity and unpredictability of the grinding process, it also brings certain difficulties to the research of medium motion. With the application of DEM in the engineering field, this technology has also been gradually applied to the modeling of medium motion in the grinding