The determinants of the quality and price of grinding media balls

- Jun 22, 2018-

In determining the quality of the grinding media ball, it must be placed in the first place to consider its impact force, because the impact energy of the grinding medium ball exceeds the material strength limit to make the material destroyed, but the impact is too large. The force exerted on the ball mill liner and the cylinder body is also increased and the energy consumption is also large.


Secondly, when the equipment is working, it mainly depends on the surface area of the grinding media ball to increase the contact area between the material and the ball, and then increase the grinding efficiency. After the size of the ball grading, reduce the gap between steel balls, add the ball density of the ball, so that it has an ideal grinding effect.


The impact force, number of impacts, and stock retention of the grinding media ball depend primarily on the ball diameter the ball mill is equipped with. Under the same loading condition, the larger the ball diameter of the grinding media ball is, the stronger the impact force is, and the larger the emptying rate is, the faster the flow velocity of the material is, but the number of impacts will be reduced and the material will become weaker.


In addition to many factors that affect the quality of the grinding media ball, there are many factors that affect its price, the first is related to the overall production process of the grinding medium ball, the production cost of the one-stop production method is relatively high. However, the quality of the grinding media balls produced is very good, and the production efficiency is also higher at the same time.


Followed by the formula of the grinding media ball itself, under normal circumstances, in many grinding media ball products, the higher the chromium content of the ball, then its price will be even higher, but such a ball is also Can be more wear-resistant and practical, at the same time, because of the increase of precious metal content, the price of steel balls is even more expensive.


There are also specifications for grinding media balls and different applicable objects, which are also an important factor affecting the price of steel balls. If the steel ball is cheaper, it is more suitable for some cheap materials, if the price of steel balls is relatively If expensive, it will generally be used on some of the more precious items.