The cost performance and quality inspection of forged steel ball for iron mines

- Sep 21, 2018-

The use of forged steel ball for iron mines in production requires a lot of inspections. In this way, the finished product not only has a smooth surface, but also has high impact toughness, so the forging steel ball has a much lower breaking rate than the cast steel ball, and the current price is lower than the high chromium steel ball, but the wear resistance can be combined with the high chromium steel. The ball is comparable, especially when forged steel balls are used in iron mines, the price/performance ratio is very high.


For the user, it can be selected according to the price and quality standard of the forged steel ball used in the iron mine and the applicable steel ball standard of the mine. The forged steel ball is compact, with a large specific gravity, and the comprehensive mechanical performance is far ahead, no matter the coarse grinding or the fine grinding effect is very good.


Under normal circumstances, the quality inspection items for forged steel balls used in iron ore products mainly include: 1. Surface quality inspection; 2. Dimensional accuracy inspection; 3. Surface hardness inspection; 4. Core hardness test; , impact toughness test; 6, metallographic examination; 7, drop test.