The cost of grinding steel balls and the matrix structure

- Aug 23, 2018-

In the process of making the grinding steel ball, white cast iron, which is mainly composed of chromium as the main alloying element, is referred to as chromium alloy cast iron. In the operation, the cast grinding ball made of chrome cast iron is called chrome cast iron grinding ball.

Grinding steel balls mainly made of ductile iron as the material of the grinding balls will be called spheroidal graphite cast iron balls. The matrix structure obtained by heat treatment is mainly bainite ductile iron grinding balls referred to as bainite ductile iron balls; The obtained matrix structure is mainly a martensite ductile iron grinding ball referred to as a martensite ductile iron ball.

The grinding steel ball can effectively utilize the steel ball hot-rolled by the steel mill produced by the steel mill to a certain extent, and its automatic control right process, the hardness of the steel ball is uniform and the core hardness is high, the breaking rate is low, the steel ball impacts The value is large. The grinding steel ball is mainly made by forging the train shovel. The core of the steel ball has low hardness, is easy to be broken, and has poor wear resistance, but the steel ball has low cost.