The basic process of hot rolled steel ball and its advantages

- May 12, 2018-

Hot-rolled steel ball is a new type of rolling technology to make the steel ball forming method, which is also a breakthrough process of ball grinding ball manufacturing technology. Its appearance will gradually replace the casting ball. The use of new technology has made the hot rolled steel ball a unique set of features.


The first step in producing a hot rolled steel ball is to test the round bar to a suitable length for hot rolling after inspection; then the steel bar is rolled to a suitable temperature before being heated in a continuous furnace. Immediately afterwards, the billet in the state of a red billet is fed to a skew mill, and a special spiral grooved roller rotates between the two, and is continuously rolled into a ball.


In general, each ball mill can roll 60-360 balls per minute. After entering the factory specifically designed in-line quenching-tempering heat treatment, the heat treatment equipment allows the steel ball to enter the red state immediately after the ball has a high and uniform hardness.


The hot-rolled steel ball made by this process has all the advantages of steel, so long as it has been heat-treated, it can be used as a high-quality ball. At the same time, it shows high efficiency, large output, mechanized rolling ball production, and high degree of automation. Without manual production, less and less interference from human factors is used.


Compared with the traditional ball casting, the hot rolled steel ball has stable quality, high hardness, good hardenability, compact structure, small grain, small deformation, uniform deformation of steel ball, no broken circle, good wear resistance, and high impact toughness. 12-35j/cm2, broken rate is less than 1%.


Not only that, hot-rolled steel balls have low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity, low production cost, good moldability, small geometric tolerances, and stable quality; they also show low wear rate and long service life. Tests have shown that the hardness of hot-rolled steel balls can reach 60-67HRC, with internal and external balance hardness; impact toughness can reach 12-35j/cm2.


Since the hot rolled steel ball has such excellent performance, its use effect in the ball mill must be better than the original cast ball. The key is that it is more durable and can save a part of the production cost for the customer.