Surface strengthening treatment and hardness of forged grinding media steel ball

- Aug 20, 2018-

The forged grinding media steel ball is subjected to surface strengthening treatment during the operation. The main purpose of the forging grinding steel ball is to improve the surface compressive stress and surface hardness of the steel ball. The specific use of the forged grinding medium steel ball is higher. Hardness can bring good results.

The forged grinding media steel ball needs to find out the size of the steel ball that needs to be tested. It can't be mixed for experiment when it is used. To a certain extent, it should use the standard specifications and materials. The equipment used in the operation has a press machine, and the amount of loading of the press machine is simple. According to the technical requirements of different specifications of steel balls, the timers should be instructed to meet the specified time. Master the correct operating methods, such as not opening the bed, and the continuity of the pressurization process.

The forged grinding media steel ball can be skillfully used to use its special loading and unloading cart to jog the ball to a certain extent, so that the upper and lower steel balls do not mix the ball. It can clean and rust the surface of the steel ball after pressing in time. Can accurately measure the hardness of the steel ball.