Surface roughness and technical effect of steel balls in silver mines

- Aug 25, 2018-

The silver ore mine steel ball has moderate hardness, toughness and impact resistance during operation. It can be used repeatedly for several times and has a long service life. The silver ore mine steel ball has good resilience, strong adhesion and fast cleaning speed. The consumption of sand is low, it is not broken, the brightness of the workpiece is cleaned, and the technical effect is good. The cleanliness of the metal surface treated by this product can reach the international standard.

The surface roughness of the silver ore mine steel ball can reach 25-100um, which can effectively increase the contact surface of the metal surface to a certain extent, so that the surface adhesion of the applied surface can be improved to some extent. The metal surface strengthens the metal structure and has very significant economic benefits. It is the most advanced and ideal high-quality material for cleaning, polishing, descaling and strengthening at home and abroad.

Silver ore mine steel ball is one of the key components of bearings, etc. It can be operated without decoupling or brittle under high temperature conditions. Under normal working conditions, its service life can be long. After the steel ball is used at high temperature, it will be heated and expanded. Generally, an automatic tensioning and adjusting device is designed in the transmission structure to ensure product quality.