Surface quality and good toughness of forged steel grinding balls

- Jan 28, 2019-

The surface quality, toughness, impact resistance and wear of the forged steel grinding balls are good.

It does not easily crack and round out.

The forging and stamping method we use is to heat the metal until the temperature reaches 1050oC (±50oC) and apply pressure to the metal blank by the forging machine. Then the metal blank is plastically deformed into a forging of specific mechanical properties, shape and size.

Forged steel balls eliminate defects such as porous as-cast microstructures produced during metal smelting and optimize microstructure.

At the same time, forgings have superior mechanical properties than castings of the same material because of the preservation of the complete metal line.

Forged steel grinding balls must use super wear resistant materials to ensure wear resistance.

Forged steel balls have good toughness and resistance to impact and wear.

It will not crack easily.

Forged steel grinding balls are favored by most customers due to their low price, high economic durability.