Steel ball for ball mill how to buy and basic requirements

- Mar 22, 2019-

Steel ball for ball mills, which are the steel ball s used in ball mills, and they are an important part. They should not be underestimated and sloppy, so as to avoid problems in the use of the ball mill. So, the next step is to get familiar with and understand this kind of grinding ball so that it can be used correctly and reasonably.


1. How to buy the steel ball for ball mill?

If the grinding ball is used in a ball mill, it should be taken seriously and carefully treated and processed in order to avoid wrong choices. At the same time, it can avoid product waste and bring certain economic losses to the user. In terms of purchase considerations, all relevant factors should be taken into account in order to have the correct choice. In addition, it is also necessary to know the factors that must be considered, such as the origin, parameters, quality, price, manufacturer and product use environment and use requirements of the product, one can not be missed.


2. What are the basic requirements for steel ball for ball mills?

Steel ball is used in the equipment of the ball mill. The first thing to know is that the grinding ball plays the role of impact crushing on the material, and also plays a certain grinding effect. Secondly, it is necessary to know that the grinding effect of the grinding ball on the material directly affects the working quality and the use effect of the ball mill, and it cannot be taken lightly at this point. The basic requirements that need to be met are:


(1) The steel ball should have sufficient impact force to allow the grinding ball to have enough energy to crush the particulate material.

(2) Steel ball should have enough impact times for the material. While ensuring sufficient impact force, the diameter of the grinding body can be appropriately reduced, and the number of grinding balls can be increased to increase the number of impacts on the material, so as to improve the crushing of the equipment. effectiveness.

(3) The steel ball should have a certain ability to control the flow rate of the material, so that the material has sufficient residence time in the ball mill.


3. If the steel ball for ball mills, what are the materials on the material?

If the steel ball is used in a ball mill, it has some information on the material. The specific one is:


In general, the steel ball is a consumable part of the ball mill, so you need to pay attention to the material used. In the material, from the traditional brittle cast iron to the austempered bainite ductile iron, the Orb body ductile iron was developed. In addition, from ordinary cast high manganese steel to austenitic cast steel with better toughness to multi-component low alloy steel that can be used in a variety of conditions. Among these materials, quality control can be easily performed if a material such as aspherical ductile iron is used.