Specification and performance test of alloy steel grinding balls for silver mine

- Sep 26, 2018-

The alloy steel ball for silver mine has high surface hardness, uniform hardness inside and outside, and is resistant to grinding. The diameter of the series is usually 25 mm to 150 mm and hardness: HRC 50-65, considering the requirements of practical application. Then, in actual production, how to test the quality of alloy steel grinding balls for silver mines?


In fact, the so-called alloy steel grinding ball for silver ore refers to the steel ball used to grind the mill material, that is, the grinding body. It should be said that the wear-resistant steel ball is only a kind of ball that grinds the steel ball, that is, the steel ball that is not wear-resistant can also be called the grinding steel ball. Any steel ball engaged in grinding operations can be called a grinding steel ball. Whether the abrasive steel ball is wear-resistant, the important data is the hardness test, which can be tested by Rockwell hardness tester.


According to the actual situation, it can be seen that the service life of alloy steel grinding balls for silver mines above HRC60 is twice that of HRC40-50. Low-chromium steel balls refer to steel balls with a chromium content of ≤3.0% and a carbon content of between 1.80% and 3.30%. The national standards require low-chromium ball hardness (HRC) ≥45 degrees or more. The quality of the chrome ball is recommended to be heat treated by tempering or vibration aging.