Specific characteristics and production line requirements for the grinding ball production for iron ore mine

- Apr 18, 2019-

Iron ore steel ball production can be effectively divided into two types: automatic production line and semi-automatic production line. The automatic steel ball production line uses iron mold sand production technology, which is characterized by stable operation, large output and product quality. The advantages of high and semi-automatic production lines are safe and reliable operation and low production cost. There are only 7 stations in each steel ball automatic production line. Most of the female workers can be competent, which can relieve your worries, improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality. Greatly improve the working environment.


Specific characteristics of steel ball grinding production in iron ore

1. High overall hardness: surface hardness can reach 5-67HRC, volume hardness reaches 50-63HRC, and hardness gradient distribution is average.

2. High impact toughness: impact toughness is greater than 12J/cm2.

3. Low breaking rate: The crush resistance is more than 10 times that of the general casting and forging ball, the ball impacting frequency is more than 20,000 times, and the actual breaking rate is not higher than 1%.

4. No deformation: the steel ball will not be deformed or rounded from start to finish.