Special requirements for steel grinding media in steel slag ball mills during fine grinding

- Jun 03, 2019-

When the ball mill is finely ground, the size of the finished product is small and the crushing ratio is small, which requires the steel grinding media to be accurate in size. If the size of the steel grinding media is too large, the impact on the material will be large, and it is easy to cause excessive pulverization of the material, which does not meet the requirements of the finished product size. On the contrary, if the size of the grinding media is too small, the impact on the material is insufficient, and the crushing force is insufficient. The particle size is small, and the material needs to be repeatedly broken, resulting in a large amount of energy consumption and waste of time.


When the material is finely ground by a ball mill, the filling rate of the steel grinding media is required to be small. There are two kinds of motion states of the medium in the ball mill: the throwing state and the plunging state. The throwing state is mainly for generating impact force, which is suitable for crushing coarse ore; the leaching state mainly produces grinding action, and the impact force is relatively slight, so it is particularly suitable for the fine grinding process.


The ball mill is mainly ground by grinding and stripping, and the impact is less. Since the stripping action is related to the surface area of the medium, it is required that the fine grinding steel grinding media can increase the grinding area as much as possible while providing sufficient grinding force, and the grinding area must be reduced in size.www.grindingballsmedia.com