Sintering requirements and density of low breakage grinding cylpebs

- Jan 22, 2019-

In the process of making the low breakage grinding cylpebs´╝î the pressed body is mainly fired at a high temperature, and the body is pressed by the particles, so the sintering of the ceramic is not only the sintering behavior between the particles, but more importantly, the blank The sintering behavior of the body.

Sintering is an important part of ceramic firing. There are quite a number of factors affecting the sintering of the green body, and the intrinsic factor is the characteristics of the powder.

Powder properties are one of the important factors affecting sintering. Surface energy is one of the driving forces of particle sintering. The morphology has a great influence on the surface energy of the particles, so the effect of particle morphology on ceramic sintering is quite large.

The surface of the low breakage grinding cylpebs has a relatively large surface area or surface energy, so the sintering driving force is large, the sintering is easy, the sintering density is large, and the pores are small.

The granular particles with smooth surface, the specific surface area or surface energy of the particles is relatively small, so the sintering driving force is small and the sintering is not easy, the sintering density of the ceramic is relatively low, and the cavity is large and large.

Compared with the granular particles, the plate-like particles have a large specific surface area, a large driving force for sintering, and are easily sintered.

Compared with the compact composed of small hard agglomerates and non-agglomerates, the low breakage grinding cylpebs has a large porosity, a small green density, a small ceramic density, and a low sintered density of ceramics.