Silver ore mine steel ball Which steel ball should be used?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Through observation and experiment, it can be confirmed that the silver ball mine with good quality is not only accurate in size, high in hardness and high in roundness, but also has the advantages of mechanical properties, wear resistance, deformation and breakage. Its surface hardness is as high as 67hrc, the volume hardness is as high as 64hrc, and the hardness distribution is uniform, so the impact toughness is high, the breakage rate is low, the skin chip resistance can exceed 20,000 times, and the actual breakage rate is less than 1%.


At present, China will consume a large number of silver ore mine steel balls, mainly cast steel balls, forged steel balls and rolled steel balls. The diameter of the ball-milled steel ball commonly used in the specification is Φ20mm--Φ125mm, and the diameter of the largest steel ball used in the ultra-large ball mill is Φ130mm--Φ150mm.


Silver ore mine steel balls under different production processes will exhibit different characteristics. For casting steel balls, its advantages are that the equipment is relatively simple and the investment is small; the production technology and operation are relatively easy to master; for multi-size and small batches Orders, scheduling production is easy and flexible.


The forging steel ball has the obvious advantages of low investment, fast project, flexible materials, and can be used for hot-rolled round steel or steel billet for easy organization. Compared with other two types of silver ore mines, hot-rolled steel balls have high production efficiency and large output, and are suitable for large-scale modern production; hot-rolled steel ball production equipment has high mechanization and automation; stable quality, high hardness of steel balls, hardness inside and outside The difference is small and the impact toughness is high.


In wet grinding such as metallurgical mines, hot-rolled steel balls have shown a tendency to replace forged steel balls and cast steel balls with their stable quality and low wear; and in dry grinding conditions such as cement, casting Steel balls are still in an irreplaceable position. Therefore, what kind of silver ore mine steel ball to choose depends on the specific working conditions and the type of mill.