Selection performance standard of silver ore mine steel ball

- Sep 08, 2018-

In the process of grinding the material, the main reason is to grind the steel ball and the liner. Therefore, when we choose the silver ore mine steel ball, we need to ensure that it has certain performance, in order to improve the wear effect of the steel ball and prolong the service life. Then, when buying silver ore mine steel balls, what should be selected?


First, the selected silver ore mine steel balls should have good machinability. The product needs to be surface-cut and drilled before use so that it can be accurately assembled to the mill for normal operation. Therefore, good machining performance is a basic requirement for the spherical casting blank.


Secondly, the internal structure and hardness of the selected silver ore mine steel ball should be relatively uniform, which is also an important performance index to measure the quality of the steel ball and the life of the steel ball. In addition, during the processing and use of the blank castings, there should be no defects such as blisters, pores, hard spots, slag inclusions, looseness, etc., otherwise the service life of the polished steel balls will be shortened, and more importantly, the surface of the steel balls will be scratched and damaged.


In addition to the above points, silver ore mine steel balls also need to have excellent wear resistance and large mechanical strength to meet the requirements of use.