Selection and basic requirements of grinding media balls and their preparation

- Oct 13, 2018-

The grinding media ball is a ball or an abrasive tool used for media grinding, and it can be used in a grinder or a ball mill to obtain a good grinding effect. Therefore, it is widely used, and it needs to be understood in depth to achieve the correct and rational use of the product.


1. Optional instructions for grinding media balls

Grinding media balls, in the purchase of products, need to know some specific information, including products and manufacturers. Moreover, it is necessary to consider all the relevant factors before making an accurate judgment and at the same time, selecting the right product, thereby avoiding product waste and economic loss.


In the purchase of this product, it is necessary to take into account the product origin, parameters, quality, price and manufacturer. If necessary, we must also consider the product environment and use requirements, so that Have the right choice results.


2. Manufacturing process of grinding media balls

There are many manufacturing processes for grinding media balls, so an example is given. If the ball is obtained by high-temperature calcination of ultrafine alumina powder as raw material, dry powder isostatic pressing and high-temperature baking and firing phase, the grinding medium ball can have higher hardness and specific gravity, especially suitable. Large ball mills are used for pure dispersion and grinding of medium to high viscosity slurries.


Grinding medium balls, which use SiC ceramics, use solid phase sintering to produce high density silicon carbide ceramics. Moreover, silicon carbide ceramics can be applied to industries such as defense, machinery, metallurgy and electronics. It has the advantages of high hardness, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability and low thermal expansion coefficient, as well as good thermal conductivity. Therefore, there is no problem in using it in a high temperature environment. The solid phase sintering method, that is, pressureless sintering and hot pressing sintering, needs to determine appropriate values for the sintering temperature, holding time, hot pressing pressure and the like. In addition, in the roll-formed billet, it is necessary to pay attention to the parameter of the sintered density, because there is a corresponding sintered density under different pressures, and the selection of whether it is suitable or not affects the product quality of the grinding medium ball.


3. Basic requirements for grinding media balls

Requirement 1: The shape and material of the grinding media should be determined according to the nature of the material to be ground, the feedstock and the particle size of the product, and the process requirements of the next step.

Requirement 2: Determine the appropriate media size and ratio of different sizes according to the feedstock and product particle size distribution requirements.

Requirement 3: Determine the appropriate media fill rate based on the form and speed of the equipment.

Requirement 4: Determine the replenishment amount of the grinding media ball according to the wear law of the medium and the production conditions.