Select the standard for forged grinding media balls

- Dec 25, 2018-

The primary criterion for selecting a forged grinding media balls is that the mill has high productivity and low cost of grinding media. Only high productivity and low grinding media cost can create good economic benefits for the enterprise. When choosing a forged abrasive media ball, there are two issues that cannot be ignored, one is its hardness value, or the other is its density.

The influence of the density of the ball on the suitable forged grinding media increases with the hardness. As long as the crushing does not occur, the steel ball consumption is reduced. Moreover, the ball can be deformed little, and the ball can absorb less deformation energy during the crushing, and the energy can be more used for crushing. Mineral particles can increase the productivity of the mill. However, the increase in the hardness of the steel ball can only be moderate, and there is an appropriate range, not the harder the better.

If only the ball consumption is considered, the higher the hardness, the lower the consumption. However, for the mill productivity, the productivity increases with the increase of the hardness of the forged abrasive medium ball within a certain range, but when the hardness exceeds a certain range, the mill productivity is adversely affected, and the mill productivity is lowered. The density affects the same size, the ball density is large, the productivity is small, and the density is small, and the productivity is small.

During the operation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable ball distribution, adhere to the high ratio of the material to the ball, and reasonably control the filling rate of the material in the mill and the ball of the ball mill; try to avoid the reduction of the ore amount in order to prevent the grinding stop and improve the technical index of the follow-up operation. An operation method that does not increase the fineness of grinding according to process discipline requirements.