Replacement of low chromium spheres with high chromium balls as mine grind balls

- Jun 19, 2018-

Mine grinding balls are widely used as grinding bodies in the beneficiation industry. Among them, low-chromium balls and forged steel balls are used more frequently. However, as the technology matures and the products increase, the use of high-chromium ball for mine-used steel balls Replacement of low-chromium balls must be a trend.


High chromium ball as a kind of mine grinding steel ball, it has high hardness, can reach 63-68, impact value4.0J/cm2, abrasion resistance is 2 times that of ordinary low chromium ball, forged steel ball 2.2 times more than the actual use of the user to test the ball broken rate 0.2%.


Because of the good abrasion resistance of this kind of mine-used steel ball, the single-chamber wear is low, the grinding efficiency is high, and the gradation stability of the steel ball in the mill is not easily changed, not only to a certain extent, but also to increase the fineness of the ore powder and increase the station time. Production, but also to ensure the quality of mineral powder; while extending the period of additional ball, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, especially greatly reduced the number of additional balls.


This is mainly because the iron-chromium carbide matrix of the mine-used steel balls is dispersed and the content of carbides is high. Therefore, when the product is quenched by the heat treatment oil, the hardness will be relatively high, which promotes the wear resistance of the product. Improve, and thus have the above series of advantages.


From the perspective of economic efficiency analysis, most of domestic mine grinding steel balls generally use low-chromium balls or forged steel balls. Its current price is about 4,000 yuan/ton, and tons of iron ore consume about 1 kg of grinding bodies. If high-chromium balls are used, the current average price is 6,000 yuan/ton, and the consumption of ton of iron ore is 0.5 Kg. The actual amount of grinding balls used for mines will be greatly reduced, and the saving of steel balls will be a direct benefit and freight will be reduced. The increase in the output of Taiwan will also produce greater benefits.