Relationship between grinding media ball shape and ball mill production

- May 04, 2018-

Grinding media balls are an integral part of the ball mill operation because the usual ball mills work by grinding the ball in the pipe body as a medium-affected material, but few people know the shape of these grinding media balls. It also has an impact on production. So what shape of grinding media ball is more beneficial to production?


Through some research packages, the use of elliptical grinding media balls in ball mills may work better than round steel balls. Because the weight increases by 62% compared to the ellipsoid of the same diameter, the impact force is strong and the crushing capacity is improved.


Because the oval grinding media steel ball is not a point contact, but the line basis, so the line contact area between the ball and the ball is 4 times larger, the selective crushing and screening effect of the material is good, the product particle size is uniform, over-smash The phenomenon is reduced.


Compared with ellipsoid grinding media balls with the same diameter, the ball surface area increased by 8%, which increased the contact surface between the ball media and the material, and improved the grinding ability. The lining plate of the elliptic ball mill is in contact with the line, not the point contact ball, to reduce the bush wear on the ball medium, reduce the impact of the steel ball and the plate mill liner, thereby reducing the wear medium and the ball mill liner, prolonging the service life.


In addition, considering that the elliptical grinding medium steel ball also has antistatic and moisture-proof effects, when it is used in a grinding machine, it can also reduce the adsorption of fine powder and reduce the phenomenon of full grinding, which is more conducive to the service life of the equipment. The extension.


In general comparison of the above aspects, it can be clearly seen that the shape of the grinding media ball does have a great influence on the production of the grinding machine. At the same time, it is further confirmed that elliptical grinding media balls will be more suitable for ball mill work than circular grinding media balls.