Reasons for high consumption of grinding balls for ball mill

- Jan 12, 2019-

In the use of the ball mill, due to improper operation or equipment defects, the wear of the grinding ball for the ball mill is much faster than usual, and the power consumption is also usually much larger. Due to the large difference in wear resistance between the surface of the ordinary grinding ball and the core, the diameter reduction during the wear process is very uneven. On the one hand, the grinding ball grading is prone to large deviation, resulting in poor fineness of the coal powder or Reduced output; on the other hand, it leads to failure

Because of the increase in the ball, the ball rate will also increase, resulting in an increase in ball consumption and power consumption. Again, because of the fast wear of ordinary balls, most of them are forced to use larger diameter grinding balls for ball mills. Grinding balls with diameters above 30mm account for as much as 70%, which causes the same weight to play the role or function of grinding balls. The area is reduced, making the grinding ball inefficient.

The liner is an important accessory in the ball mill equipment to protect the mill barrel and grind. The material requirements for the liner are particularly high. Because it is the impact of the grinding body in the coarse grinding chamber of the ball mill, it is required that the material should have sufficient impact-resistant toughness. After the impact, the surface can be hardened and hardened, and it becomes very hard and wear-resistant.