Quality indicators of various products of forged steel grinding balls

- Jul 11, 2018-

Forged steel grinding ball is actually a consumable, mainly used for grinding, making the material grinding more fine, widely used in mines, power plants and other fields. When producing a forged steel grinding ball, there is a quality standard as a reference to decide whether to make a purchase.


The quality index of low chromium ball in forged steel grinding ball is 0.5%~2.5% chromium content, 1.80%-3.20% carbon content; national standard requires low chromium ball hardness ≥45 or more, impact value≥1.5J/ Cm2. In order to ensure the quality of the forged steel grinding ball, high temperature tempering treatment is also needed to achieve the purpose of eliminating the casting stress.


The quality index of chrome balls in forged steel grinding balls is 3.0%~7.0%, the carbon content is between 1.80%-3.20%, the impact value is ak≥2.0J/cm2, and the national standard requires chrome ball hardness ≥47. the above. The quality index of forged steel grinding ball high chromium ball is chrome content ≥10.0%, carbon content is 1.80%-3.20%; national standard requires high chrome ball hardness ≥58 or more, impact value ≥3.0J/cm2.


If the hardness of the high chromium ball is high temperature quenching + tempering treatment, if the hardness is less than 54, the high chromium ball is not quenched. The above quality indicators refer to a standard that is achieved when producing forged steel grinding balls, so be sure to pay attention.