Quality control of steel ball for Silver Ore Mine

- Apr 26, 2018-

In actual production, the quality of the ball used in the silver ore mine will directly affect the specific production conditions. On the one hand, it will affect the size of productivity, but also will have a certain impact on the level of ball consumption. In other words, whether the quality of the ball in the silver mine is good or bad will affect the cost of production.


Of course, the simple pursuit of high hardness and low unit consumption is unscientific. High hardness does not necessarily increase production, but only high productivity can reduce the individual consumption indicators. Therefore, when selecting silver mine steel balls, the primary criteria should be the productivity of the mill and the low cost of grinding media. Only high productivity and low cost of grinding media can provide good economic benefits. Economic efficiency is a necessary condition for the survival and development of an enterprise.


In fact, there are many users who often choose to ignore the two issues when selecting silver ore mine steel balls: one is that the steel ball used is not as hard as possible, but has its proper hardness value; the other problem is the steel ball used. Density is also not negligible. The effect of hardness is usually as the hardness increases, as long as no crushing occurs, the unit consumption of the ball decreases. Moreover, the sphere can be deformed little, and the sphere can absorb less deformation energy during crushing, and the energy can be more used to crush the mineral particles, thereby increasing the productivity of the mill.


However, it should be noted that the increase in hardness of the silver ball in the mine must be controlled within a suitable range. This is because for the mill productivity, the productivity increases with the hardness of the ball within a certain range, but when the hardness exceeds a certain range, the mill productivity is adversely affected, and the mill productivity is decreased.


In other words, in the process of use, the hardness of the steel ball used in the silver mine is different, which will produce different grinding effect, but it is not the best effect of the hardness, but the effect is best when the hardness of the steel ball in the silver mine is appropriate. But the effect is best when the hardness of the ball in the silver mine is appropriate.