Quality characteristics of Grinding steel balls

- Sep 04, 2018-

Grinding steel balls are commonly used grinding media and are suitable for many different fields. They are widely used in the grinding industry of iron ore and non-ferrous metal ore dressing plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, refractory plants, steel plants and phosphate fertilizer plants. The surface of the polished steel ball produced by the forging process has no defects, no deformation, no roundness, and maintains the excellent effect of grinding.


Secondly, due to the use of forging, the finished polished steel ball has a compact internal structure, avoids the defects caused by the process in the as-cast state, has high internal density and high fine particle size, and enhances the ball's drop resistance and impact toughness. , thereby reducing the ball breakage rate and ensuring the pass rate.


In addition, in order to further improve its wear resistance, the abrasive steel ball is made of high-quality alloy steel and a new high-efficiency anti-wear material. The alloy elements are reasonably proportioned and rare elements are added to control the chromium content. Its corrosion resistance is greatly improved. For the case where the mine is mostly wet grinding, this steel ball is more suitable for its working conditions.