Production process and quality assurance measures for low damage grinding balls

- Jul 06, 2018-

Regarding the production of grinding balls, it is more concerned about how to improve the grinding ball production process, improve the precision level of grinding balls, and complete the production of low-breaking grinding balls, in order to maximize the production benefits of the enterprise and further improve the production quality of the grinding balls. .


With the development of grinding ball processing equipment, the cleaning and rust prevention, drying and drying, picking process defect ball and quality control inspection are carried out according to the needs of each process. The process quality control index is more strict, and the control of process tooling and process details is more perfect. 100% eddy current testing and photoelectric appearance of the grinding ball can stably produce G5 and G10 low-breaking grinding balls to meet different application requirements.


In order to produce high-quality low-breaking grinding balls, deep pickling combined with eddy current testing instead of hot pickling can be used, and reasonable acid ratio can be used to control the deep pickling size of steel balls to 0.04-0.05mm; The atmosphere quenching replaces the air furnace to heat quenching, and improves the temperature control accuracy of the equipment, and the uniformity of the surface hardness of the grinding ball is effectively improved.


Under the premise of ensuring accuracy, reducing the amount of low-break grinding balls in each process can reduce the grinding time.


At the same time, the deterioration layer caused by excessive grinding is reduced, and the probability of occurrence of grinding quality problems is reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of the product.