Process flow and application field of grinding ball media production line

- Jan 30, 2019-

The main rotary-cut ball-milled steel ball of the  grinding ball media production line, which is a grinding medium used for grinding the nuggets in the cylindrical ball mill.

Widely used in iron ore and non-ferrous metal mine concentrator, cement plant, thermal power plant, refractory plant, steel plant, phosphate fertilizer plant and other grinding industry.

Grinding ball media production line process

1. After the round bar material is inspected, it is cut into steel ball blanks according to the length of the fixed length.

2. The steel ball blank is heated to a suitable temperature in a continuous heating furnace before rotary cutting.

3. After the red hot billet is sent to the steel ball mill, it is rotated forward between two rolls with special spiral holes and continuously cut into steel balls. Each steel ball mill can be rolled into 200-360 steel balls per minute.

4. After the rolling, the red hot steel ball immediately enters the online heat treatment heat preparation for quenching-tempering heat treatment, so that the steel ball obtains a high and uniform hardness.

5. The products that have passed the inspection are sent to the finished product warehouse, and then packaged and sent to the customer.