Principle of selection of grinding media balls

- Jun 14, 2019-

As the fineness requirements of materials become higher and higher, the use of sand mills is becoming more and more common, and there are many grinding media balls on the market. How to choose a grinding media ball that is more suitable for its own production process and conditions, It is a relatively critical and troublesome thing.


Grinding media balls can be divided into glass beads, ceramic beads, steel balls, etc. depending on the material. Due to the difference in chemical composition and manufacturing process, the crystal structure of the beads is determined. The dense crystal structure ensures high strength, high wear resistance and low ink absorption rate of the beads. The difference in the percentage content of the various components determines the specific gravity of the grinding media sphere, and the high specific gravity provides a guarantee for the high efficiency of the grinding.


The natural wear of the chemical composition of the grinding media ball during the grinding process will have a certain impact on the performance of the slurry, so in addition to considering the low wear rate, the chemical elements of scruples are also factors to be considered. Some of the physical properties determined by the chemical composition of the abrasive media ball and the inherent wear of the slurry are factors that are considered in selecting the grinding media. In general, the larger the specific gravity of the grinding medium ball, the larger the momentum, the higher the grinding efficiency, and the wear of the contact of the sand mill is relatively large, so the combination of the viscosity and flow rate of the slurry becomes critical.


The size of the grinding media ball determines the contact point between the grinding media ball and the material. The more contact points of the beads with smaller particle size under the same volume, the higher the theoretical grinding efficiency; on the other hand, the comparison of the initial particles in the grinding For large materials, beads with larger particle sizes should be used at this time.