Performance characteristics and production quality inspection of forged grinding balls

- Dec 20, 2018-

The characteristics of the forged grinding ball are as follows: the surface is smooth and the hardness is uniform, so as to ensure that the circle is not lost during the grinding process, and the forging process is used to produce the surface without defects, no deformation, no roundness, and excellent grinding effect. Because it is forged from round steel, it avoids the defects caused by the process in the as-cast state, the internal density is large, and the fine grain size is high, which enhances the drop of the ball, thereby reducing the ball breakage rate.

Tests have shown that the impact toughness of the forged grinding ball is 4-5 times that of the casting ball. This technical parameter determines that the breaking rate of the forging ball is much lower than that of the casting ball. Due to the use of high-quality alloy steel and new high-efficiency anti-wear materials, the alloy elements are reasonably proportioned and rare elements are added to control the content of chromium, so that the wear-resisting corrosion performance is greatly improved. For the case where the mine is mostly wet-grinding, this steel The ball is more suitable for its working conditions.

The post-process of forging grinding ball, namely automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance inspection, automatic rust prevention, counting and packaging, are the key factors affecting the quality of steel balls. The appearance inspection of forged grinding balls is an indispensable process in the processing of steel balls, mainly including surface scratches, rust, surface spots and other aspects to ensure the quality of the forged grinding balls produced.