Performance and Characteristics analysis of Forged Steel Grinding Ball

- Mar 20, 2018-

At present, forged steel grinding balls are mainly used as grinding media for grinding nuggets. The current application areas include iron ore and non-ferrous metal mine concentrators, cement plants, thermal power plants, refractories, iron and steel plants, phosphate fertilizers and other grinding industries. Forged steel grinding balls grind the nuggets at the same time, they are also constantly wear and shrink.

In comparison, forged steel grinding balls have certain advantages in terms of production, that is, the investment cost is low and they are quick to launch.

Raw materials can be either hot-rolled round steel or hot-rolled steel billets, the length of the billets is not limited, and the production is easy to organize.


At present, when producing this product, commonly used materials include low-carbon alloys, high-manganese steels, high-chromium cast irons, and high-carbon high-manganese alloy steels. Among them, the low-carbon alloy steel balls have good toughness and low price. Under the same working conditions, the service life of the low-carbon alloy steel balls is more than 1 times higher than that of the low-chromium casting balls.


Under normal circumstances, forged steel grinding ball products are very durable and not easily broken. Its surface hardness is high, up to 55-65HRC, volume hardness reaches 50-62HRC, and the hardness gradient is evenly distributed. The number of falling ball impacts is more than 100,000 times, and the actual breaking rate is not more than 1%, which is close to no breakage.

The product is resistant to grinding and has a high impact value.


At present, when manufacturing forged steel ball products, the main production process flow is: raw material - cut off - heating furnace - forging - conveyor - quenching - heat treatment - dimensions Inspection - hardness testing - bale - transport.


There are three main advantages of forged steel grinding ball products. They are high hardness, wear-resistant and not broken. The application fields of forged steel grinding ball products mainly include: 1. Coal mine; 2. Thermal power plant; 3. Mining of ore; 4. Fine chemical plant.