Particle size selection and type requirements of 40mm ball media for ball mill

- Apr 16, 2019-

The 40mm ball media for ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it is crushed. In operation, it is one of the high-fine grinding machines widely used in industrial production, such as tubular ball mills, rod ball mills, cement ball mills, ultra-fine laminating mills, hand ball mills, and horizontal ball mills.


The 40mm ball media for ball mill is very suitable for grinding various ores and other materials when it is used. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. It can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. According to different mining methods, it can be divided into two types: lattice type and overflow type. According to the shape of the cylinder, it can be divided into four types: short tube ball mill, long tube ball mill, tube mill and cone mill.


40mm ball media for ball mill is composed of horizontal cylinder, hollow shaft and grinding head, etc. The cylinder is a long cylinder. The cylinder is equipped with grinding body. The cylinder is made of steel plate, with steel liner and cylinder. Fixed, the grinding body is generally a steel ball, and is loaded into the cylinder according to different diameters and a certain proportion, and the grinding body can also use a steel section.


The 40mm ball media for ball mill is selected according to the particle size of the grinding material. The material is loaded into the cylinder body by the hollow shaft of the ball mill feeding end. When the ball mill cylinder rotates, the grinding body acts due to the inertia and centrifugal force, and the friction force acts to attach it. The cylinder liner is carried away by the cylinder. When it is brought to a certain height, it is thrown off due to its own gravity. The falling abrasive body crushes the material in the cylinder like a projectile.